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The aerospace sector is going through particular times; the war in Ukraine has largely swept away encouraging post-COVID forecasts, and detailed analyses present a contrasting state of affairs. 

Civil aeronautics has seen a marked decline in air traffic which negatively impacts orders; however, the search for alternatives to fossil fuels and aircraft decarbonisation are boosting innovation and investment. 

New Space is the emerging trend, with new constellations that are game-changers regarding observation, broadband and internet access; there is the appearance of mass-produced satellites and launchers to designed to maximize economies of scale and reuse. 

The arrival of Advanced Air Mobility is also part of the future, and the first autonomous aircraft prototypes are already in the certification phase.

There is a narrowing gap between digital technology and engineering as simulation and predictive maintenance systems become increasingly common; manufacturers are transforming into operators that offer end-to-end services with a focus on data use and provision. 

This entire sector is reinventing itself, and we're now in the early stages of a new era.

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" Data is at the heart of digital transformation, and the aerospace and defence industries are evolving. Previously, production was artisanal and products individually designed. We're now in the digital design services era, where everything will be connected in a digital stream, meaning faster execution and lower-cost development. "

jason lebailly  – vp global aerospace & defense clients.

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